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Back in 80's, it was not easy to use equipment for independent film-making. However today, technology has become more affordable as well as more advanced. Camera record quality is very important in making any film, and today, anyone can get a good camera at a good price. In addition to new digital cameras, independent film makers are benefiting from the new editing software that is easily available. Instead of needing a post-house to do the editing, independent film makers can now use a personal computer and inexpensive editing software to edit their films. These new technologies allow independent film makers to create films that are comparable to high-budget films. You don't have to go hat-in-hand to some film distributor and say, "Please will you let me make a movie?"


I make movies as a hobby because I enjoy creating a story and also working with computers. Mixing these two interests often creates a filmaker. When  a unknown, unwealthy filmaker has great passion he will not wait for a producing company to accept his work. He will take advantage of the inexpensive technoloy and will venture out on his own and thus an independent filmaker is born! It is my hope that my hobby will one day become my career and I too will earn the title of Independent filmaker.

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